Wholesale of vehicle spare parts

AS Automeister has been a 100% Estonian capital based importer and wholesaler of vehicle spare parts and accessories since 1993.

We offer an extensive selection of internationally recognised automotive industry aftermarket products, which are, for the most part, in use as original vehicle parts and can all be characterised by a single word: quality.

The resellers of our selection of products are auto repair shops, auto parts stores and dealerships that value quality, speed, reliability and precision.

A warehouse selection and logistics that takes into consideration the needs and specific characteristics of the local market has been built up thanks to years of experience and close cooperation with clients.

Our team is comprised of experienced, hardworking and energetic people, who choose to improve themselves on a daily basis in order to be able to better market products and serve our customers.

We pass on our acquired knowledge and experiences to our customers, carrying out continuous product related trainings. As of April 2014, Automeister has been a part of the international purchasing group Nexus Automotive International SA.

Automeister ordering centre 

Automeister’s innovative ordering centre allows our contractual customers to find the parts they need based on a registration plate number or vehicle identification number search. At the same time, it is possible to search for information using TecDoc’s global spare parts database, if the above information is not known. Orders consisting of found spare parts can be prepared and submitted easily, and offers can be prepared for customers. 

The new order centre also offers users a detailed overview of invoices, the status of orders, warehouse updates and much more.

The order centre is interfaced with eight third-party applications in order to offer users the maximum amount of information, which allowed for the creation of a modern tool for users who come into contact on a daily basis with the ordering of spare parts and the planning of works.


Under the leadership of Automeister, Estonia’s first car service chain began operating in November 2003 under the Carstop trademark, and includes the most experienced car repair specialists in their respective fields in different regions across Estonia. Today, a total of 14 auto repair shops belong to the domestic car service chain.

Carstop’s goal is to offer its clients quality and fast car repair or service in different areas across Estonia, ensuring the best quality spare parts and skilled work together with technical knowledge and modern installation.


NEXUS Automotive International SA

NEXUS Automotive International SA (N!) is an a growth accelerator for progressive companies in the automotive industry. Launched in February 2014 with an EU footprint and headquarters in Geneva, its founding partners consist of 25 shareholders that are leading independent car parts distributors in multiple markets.

N! is represented in 139 countries with 135 members.